July 14, 2010
New T's Coming Soon

July 2, 2010

Paintin' Session
July 14, 2010

Much respect to Aaron for rockin the office wall in the store. Marsh ink vapors filled the room and brought back memories of huffin the smells from nights past. Sam also painted the back walls and the bathroom window. Had to get them in before the Japanese Obon Festival this weekend. We are almost fininshed, getting the minor details done and the rest of the inventory, and the new line exclusively for the store. Aug. 13 is coming up, and trying to add the last bits of flava...


Summer Breeze

July 14, 2010


Clothing line of the day! Flying Coffin. Presenting another graphically-intense collection of t-shirts and accessories to mark its 2010 summer collection. Featuring the iconic imagery that has become a signature of the brand, additional items include skate decks and hats. Available now at select Flying Coffin dealers worldwide. Check it out!


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